Localizing businesses in

the MEA region and beyond

Who We Are

As a leading provider of localization services in Egypt, Melocalgate (MLG) has gained the trust of more than 100 major companies from all corners of the world. By utilizing more than a decade of hands-on experience, we offer effective, value-adding services that directly reach and impact audiences in the MEA region and beyond.

Why Melocalgate

To help you successfully penetrate new markets, we adapt your product to your target culture to turn new prospects into customers, even if you’re oceans apart. We understand that every culture is unique, which is why we thoroughly assess and examine every detail before execution to guarantee long-term impact. We pride ourselves in delivering world-class results, and our edge lies in our longstanding expertise in successful

project management. By working with MLG, you can rest assured that each deliverable throughout your project will be accurately tracked, monitored, and controlled to guarantee impeccable quality and exemplary results. Our clients are our utmost priority, and we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships characterized by trust, transparency, and professionalism.

Our Mission

Delivering impactful, high-quality localization services that drive companies to succeed on a global scale.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of world-class localization services in the MEA region.

Localize your Product to a culture

Say hello to your potential team, each a master of their respective craft.

Ahmed EL Molla

Managing Director

Mohamed Faisal

Project Manager Office Manager

Hasnaa Atef

Project Manager

Marwa Ibrahim

Project Manager

Mahmoud Maher

Translation Manager

Khalid Fathy

DTP/LE Manager

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